Energy Grip

New platforms and installations usually operate with square steel structure; RHS profiles. EnergyGrip is designed to handle RHS profiles as a suspension for H-profiles of the same size. This also applies to L profiles, if the horizontal peak of the profile is the highest point. In the past, this has been solved using short-chain chains and expensive solutions that can damage surfaces.

EnergyGrip is also integrated with a necessary solution to optimize time challenges and risk related to falling objects. The splits and pipes are now replaced with EnergyGrip, and with it it is possible to fasten the maximum.

EnergyGrip is one of our newly developed products, and one we have worked a long time to optimize for the oil industry. The product was developed with the focus on efficiency and improvement of safety. We know how important it is for the safety of both equipment and the employees in the industry. The development of our new product EnergyGrip has enabled us to offer a safe and efficient solution.

Asvantages of EnergyGrip:

  • Reduces the risk of falling objects in heights
  • Side parties in square profile Easy to assemble
  • Large capacity for fixing point Low risk related to composition
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Designed for square profiles 150×150
  • The ability to load 2000 kg