Energy Rig

The basis for the development of ENERGY RIG ™ was continuous requests for the construction of lifting events.

ENERGY RIG ™ will be able to solve the challenges the traditional rig arrangements have today. As well as increasing safety by lifting operations. The solutions that are now being used have many limitations and are both time-consuming and resource-intensive. In order to meet future demands and needs, we have chosen to look for solutions that provide a larger maximum load. This without the need for advanced constructions and calculations.

ENERGY Rig ™ is fully certified by the supplier and approved for use in accordance with. guidance.

ENERGY Rig ™ is a scaffolding that is compatible with scaffolding, which makes the lifting process more efficient and cost-effective. Risk of error lifting is reduced drastically. The lifting arrangement is flexible and certified for 4t lift. It can be used alone or in pairs.

Reasons to choose Energy Rig™

  • Carry out heavier lifting assignments on short notice without the need for extended engineering.
  • Several of the jobs that have previously required design and “temporary steel” can be taken on short notice using two scaffolds and ENERGY RIG ™.
  • Short construction time compared to existing solutions. About. 10 minutes installation time of Energy Rig ™ on the finished frame frame.
  • Existing “scaffolding solutions” require that the location of the lifting part be documented. This involves the use of many hours of work towards these jobs. Energy Rig ™ is fully certified.

Assembly instructions