Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry comprises a number of production phases and different equipment. Tough operating conditions and extreme safety requirements are often a common feature for the industry. Safeguarding security at a time when very much about efficiency, cost savings and long-term profitability can be difficult.

There is always a certain risk throughout the production chain in the oil and gas industry. Having the necessary equipment in all phases can significantly reduce this risk, which contributes to greater safety for the employees as well as a more stable operation.

ENERGY RIG ™ is a lifting gear that can solve the challenges the traditional rigger arrangements have today. The lifting process becomes more efficient and cost-effective.

Energy Grip is one of our newly developed products, and one we have been working for a long time to optimize for the oil industry. The product was developed with the focus on efficiency and improvement of safety.

Our light tarpaulin has a superb flame retardant and are used by most shipyards in Norway

We offer most types of scaffolding nets for securing falling objects. All our nets are according to. FR class 6.

We can offer the most in technical textiles. We provide roof tops, duvet covers, Hole Covers, Tarpaulin with eyelets and custom made PVC and Aramid prints.

We offer a range of scaffolding and suspension links. The Plettac clutch comes from normal, twist, transition to beam.

IBC Stands are primary designed for companies that manages chemicals and needs a more efficient solution for emptying.

Module system for industry and civil engineering industry where customization and heavy load are required.

Designed for the oil and gas industry to protect against falls on storage containers, and falling objects against crew on deck.

Together with our partners, we can offer broad knowledge in product development of steel products.