Rolling towers – Assco Rapido Rolling Towers

Assco Rapido 4601 The flexible roller tower

The Assco rapido 4510 Aluminum Aluminum Tower meets all criteria for a professional mobile work platform. Work platform from 0.75m x 2.85m and a maximum working height of 9.6m outdoors and 13.6m indoors.

Assco Rapido 4602

Are you working with bigger materials or do you need a larger work area? Then the Assco Rapido 4602 is the solution for you. Working height up to 9.6m indoors and 13.6m outdoors. You also do not need to use wheelbarrow at work height up to 7.5m as these can be attached directly into the bottom frames.

Assco Rapido 4606

The Assco Rapido 4606 aluminum tower is a very maneuverable tower with folding possibilities. Quick, easy and safe movement from one location to another as long as the tower is not built too high.

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